Mondayitis – David

My dearest Sophie,

I can not thank you enough for taking in my David and being so good to him. If you had not shown him my photo and talked about when we were arrested he would never have found me. It has been many years since David and I were last together, I barely recognised him it has been 11 long years and he was only one year-old when he was taken from me. It was so lovely to have him ring on my bell speaking his beautiful French and with such charming manners I can not believe he learned all this in a concentration camp.

David shares little of his past but I can see from his behaviour how hard it must have been for him. You see much of it in his eyes, they are quiet and expectant and how he does not always know how to do things or say things. He has many skills besides speaking French like a senior member of the French Academy and Italian like a Florentine Nobleman he also speaks English like a man from Oxford and is fluent in German with smatterings of some other languages.

You can’t believe his journey to me. I have had it in crumbs and it is truly an amazing journey, travelling most of it on his own feet. There were some kind people who gave him a little help. David did mention he started out with a compass but lost it in some water. To travel from Bulgaria to Denmark is a very big journey.

I will write more to you when David feels he can talk with me.

Yours forever in gratitude,


I Am David by Anne Holm