Possibly interesting…

Browsing my blogs and the web last night had me finding some potentially interesting things, not sure what to use them for or how it’d be possible to link them all in a story but that’s not my problem I only put these things out there.

Let’s start with a bit of Star Wars on Not Always Learning. I recommend you absolutely do not continue browsing that site, it’s so easy to get lost there and I guarantee hilarity will ensue…or ensure depending on if I’ve got a typo or not.

I felt totally vindicated with Vaveros as I’m very specific about how my name is spelled and people get it wrong even though I’m telling them the letters. What really gets me is the parochialism of many native English speaking people who insist on pronouncing a name following English speaking rules (the rules that change so frequently) despite being told they’re wrong.

Talking about English and how she is pronounced, here’s a fabulous essay on unlocking the rules of pronunciation in English. This came to me via The Grammar Garden and they think it makes things clear while I don’t, somehow I suspect I’ll have to read it again.

Money is nice and Alexander McCall Smith seems to have enough of it. He’s gone and bought some Scottish islands, McCall Smith says they will remain as nature reserves and he’ll try to ensure this continues after is death. I’d love to own an island but how much do they cost? And he’s bought not just one but a whole string of them.

We’ve gone from fruit to drink so I could say they’re driving me to drink!. Baileys have replaced Orange as the official sponsor of the Women’s Prize for Fiction. That could mean we’re now officially allowed to get drunk while writing but only on Baileys. Funnily enough I was drinking a glass of the stuff when I found this last night.

Last but not least are a few words from Neil Gaiman. He reckons fiction is dangerous, go here to read the details for yourself.