Forgot to tell you…

I’ve got a head like a sieve at the moment. I turn around to do something and completely forget to what I’m going to do, open up a web page and forget why I’m there. I went to cook potatoes the other day, 20 minutes later I figured I should check if they were burnt as I hadn’t been back to turn them down, there was no possibility of them burning as I’d forgotten to turn on the gas, I had put water in though.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you about but forgot is my new method of telling people the condition of the book. It’s an idea I had when I was at a conference a few weeks ago, the presentation was on webinars and the idea just sprang out at me so I wrote it down and started implementing it this week. I still type up the details in the body of the description and provide a photo (mostly) but I’ve also started recording videos. This is the first one I did, personally I think it’s a little long but this one is awkward as it only shows one folder out of five.

Why did I do this?

Mostly because I’m a little bit mad, I must be to give myself extra work like this. I won’t be doing it for absolutely every book or magazine as it’s far too labour intensive but I will endeavour to include one for every book over $30.

If you like my dulcet tones then you can hop over to my Youtube Channel for more. Can’t think why you’d want that but I don’t like my voice, it’s totally unsexy. I do have people who’ll happily listen to me talk, people I don’t pay.

There you go, something new for you.