Everyone dies, a fact we seem to forget from time to time and for some that time is far too soon but others have lead a good life or given a lot to the world and have made it to a good age.  This week has seen the passing of some extraordinary people.

Jerry Nelson was the person behind Count von Count and other Sesame Street characters since the early 19702. He has given so much pleasure to so many children and their parents and grandparents. I can only thank him for all the time he spent improving my children’s counting and helping me out as a parent, he was wonderful.

Nina Bawden is best known as the author of Carrie’s war but has also written many other books, she changed the way we read war books making it possible for people to deal with what happened during WWII and move on.

The last person I know of needs no introduction as he is the man who lived out so many fantasies by so many people over the centuries and actually stood on the moon. Neil Armstrong was a leader in so many ways and from what I’ve heard about him we could all learn a lesson or two from him. Courage, perserverance and a lovely attitude towards people.

Vale and thank you for making the world a better place.