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This week I’m introducing Anke for Mondayitis. Anke has just released a new book and has pronounced Suz’s Space as the first stop on her virtual book tour. Details of her book are here. The book tour is made up of a variety of website tourist places in various parts of the world, follow Anke to the next stop tomorrow at The Accidental Hippy.
What do you read?

Books, magazines, my Kindle, junk mail, people’s T-shirt slogans, car stickers

Non – fiction: herb books, cook books, history books, software manuals, my son’s year 1 home readers, industry publications (computer, garden, publishing)

Fiction: crime, vampire anything, bio disasters, fantasy,

Why do you read?

I have always loved reading, was quite a voracious devourer of books as a young girl, reading fantasy and anything by Enid Blyton at the time.

These days I read for information gathering and escapism – not at the same time though.

Do you read for work or pleasure?

Since I love my work, luckily often for both.  I read an awful lot of material on herbs, traditions, health history, ancient foods and those types of topics, all of which are for work and pleasure.

However there is other work related material that isn’t always so much fun, like software manuals and the latest in publishing.

When I find the time ( who am I kidding?) I do like to read non work related fiction, for pure pleasure.

Can you do the Safety Dance while reading?

It’s difficult when I am throwing my hands about.  I could read billboards while dancing the Safety Dance though.   Why is that singer not smiling? 

Safety Dance – Men Without Hats

Are you a Discworld/Twilight/Harry Potter fan?

Does it have to be an either or question?  I liked the Discworld episodes I watched on Tv with my son. Knowing Terry Prachett, the books will have been much better so I could be a fan.

Loved the Harry Potter series!! …….and yes, I have reread Twilight quite a few times.

Would you attend a flash mob dressed as your favourite character?
I have courage in a crowd and love dressing up. So the answer is a resounding YES.

Why did you decide to go from being a reader to being an author?

I didn’t mean to, honest I didn’t.  I kind of fell into it.
While writing my blog on people (and friends) kept asking the same questions and I became tired of repeating the answers. Writing it all down for people to look up seemed to make sense and then it evolved into more than just a PDF file.

The success of the first book encouraged the idea of making it a series, thus Herbology At Home was born.  Once that decision was made I had to change the cover for the first book to come up with a theme for this new series.  ‘Natural Health For Your Dog’ was a little ‘pet project’ and now ‘Homemade Health’ has been released onto the public as well.  There are still so many to write, I wonder how big this series will get.

Is there any chance you’re able to do the Safety Dance while writing your next book?

Now that it’s in my head it will be hard not to at least give it a good go.  Might need to elevate my table so I can type standing up……..

Raised with herbal traditions passed down by her grandmother in her native country of Germany, Anke Bialas has expanded her knowledge and application of herbs in unconventional ways, saying “Even a little bit of nature goes a long way.” With a firm belief that herbal health can fit into even the most conventional home, she makes all things herbal appeal to everyone. 

Anke is known for her practical, everyday approach to herbal health which led to her writing the Herbology At Home series of guides. These guides provide a convenient reference for both the seasoned novice and those new to herbs and natural health. Find Anke at Herbology or Facebook.

11 thoughts on “Mondayitis – Anke

    1. Suzie

      Thank you for answering Mondayitis. I think I’m sorry for putting The Safety Dance in your mind and in everyone else’s.

    1. AnkeB

      Hi Dhea,
      I’m glad Suzie provided a link to the Safety Dance (above), I had forgotten it too. Now I can’t get it out of my head. 🙂

  1. Debs Cook

    My goodness Anke, aside from being able to do the safety dance we have so many other things besides herbs in common! You really should try out Pratchett, start with the Colour of Magic or Weird Sisters lol!

    Hugs – Debs xxx

    1. Suzie

      Definitely, and if we can get her hooked on Pratchett she can come to Melbourne next year for the Discworld Convention. I see a dress up in progress.

    2. AnkeB

      The Weird Sisters ring a bell already, unless it’s a forgotten childhood memory 🙂
      My list of books to read is getting longer and longer, I wonder when I’ll get to read them all.

      I’ve heard about this Discworld convention, sounds likd something fun to dress up for (once I know the stories).

  2. Debs Cook

    LOL my hubby Simon built a mechanoid robot and Terry Pratchett gave us permission to call her Granny Weatherwax, he emailed us from his personal address and everything, I’m not worthy etc! A friend helps organise the Discworld cons in the UK but they always occur when I’m doing something else!

    1. Suzie

      That’s really awesome!!!! I’ve run out of pixels for more exclamation marks. Is it possible to have a photo and can we do something special with the photo at our convention next year?

      Bows and curtseys and gets all flustered at the thought.

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