Judging spelling and grammar not cool

You can always sucker me in with a good discussion about grammar and spelling so when someone directed me to MamaMia I was over there in a flash, reading it took rather much longer as I was interrupted by dinner and my #ausallergy Twitter chat. I finally finished and checked out the links in the comments only to realise bed was a good place to be. Yes, it took that long. The article is really interesting and illustrates why we need to be patient with people whose grammar and spelling is not necessarily as good as our own. The child in question is dyslexic and part way through his first year at school could only recognise three letters, the teacher denied there was a problem.

If you’re still judging try reading this with its 784 comments. Some of them are very clever but I didn’t even get through the first page, I did mention bed for a reason as I’m writing this on Tuesday night.

This video is awesome, he shows us exactly why some children have so much trouble learning to read. Don’t tell them it’s easy if they’re having trouble and don’t rush them.

You could try reading this one which includes some more funny comments. Don’t look at the typo in the url, I said, don’t look at the typo!

It’s actually really hard to find your own typos and spell check may or may not help. I read an ebook a few weeks ago, it was very nicely put together the information was very good and the author had used a spell check to great effect, the problem was some of the perfectly spelled words were the wrong word for the context. I sent her an email about it offering to proofread it for her and haven’t heard back, I do hope she’s still talking to me. I have a perfectly dreadful example of spell check not working and if I receive permission I’ll be including it here, it was so bad I couldn’t reply to the email, the idea of the spell check fixing the word and making it wrong just froze me completely.

Edited to add the word.

The word was ‘orangutan’ and I can’t even show you what it was ‘corrected’ to as all my emails in that mailbox have been deleted somehow. Apparently Apple can autocorrect to the most common spelling as opposed to the correct spelling, which could lead to great problems in the future.