Important or not?

It’s almost July and I’m watching from the sidelines as someone else has the experience you never want to have. I’m not going to reveal names or anything else other than to say she’s going well. It’s been a bit of a shock and has made many of us stop and take stock of our lives and our businesses.

I have been stressing out about my website and transferring books in time for it going live on 1st July and this ‘little experience’ has made me have second thoughts about it. It’s still going live on time but I’m going to stop stressing, I’m going to start writing again. It’s all about what’s important. The website is important, but as I have over 500 listings transferred I feel it’s a very good start and the rest will get transferred or culled in due course, transferring the books before it goes live is not important.

I have some other tasks that have deadlines and I’m going to try and make those deadlines without stressing about them. It’s almost the end of the financial year and I’ll need to start the process of putting my paperwork together for the Taxation Office. I have the bare bones of an article for The Bookshop Blog and that will be written and I’ll also work on my next SAC (School Assessed Coursework) for my Year 12 English Literature subject. I might write about the process of doing this SAC as it’s an interesting one and I’m debating which direction to take. I’ve been nominated to the position of PR for Nullus Anxietas 4 and there is much to do there. My pile of books to be reviewed is growing and needs to be reduced by actually writing the reviews. And at some stage I need to stop giving you updates and actually write. One of the things I don’t feel important is the monthly Retro Reading newsletter, not the people subscribing to it, but the newsletter itself. I’ve never managed to feel it useful and while I will continue gathering names for it I might not use them monthly. I’m just not certain about the direction the newsletter will go, but monthly just doesn’t seem to suit me.

Somewhere in the middle of all of that I will be scheduling some family time, some housework time, eating time and sleep time. Focussing on what is important.