Update and question

Yes, I know, another update…boring. As I mentioned in the Retro Reading newsletter things are going well with the new website. I’m finally at the stage of being able to upload books and bring in articles from the old blog. It’s going fairly well and reasonably fast and I’d love to estimate a date when it’ll be live but I’ve had so many setbacks and while I’m really unwilling to do that I’m thinking that the end of June-beginning of July would be a good time for the changeover, the beginning of the financial year sounds very good. It sounds like a good aim and possibly fairly promising. There are a couple of very minor glitches which I can’t seem to fix but I’m just going to blame L-Space and leave them as they are.

If any of my readers feel the urge to test things for me, I’d be terribly grateful. Yes, I’m asking for volunteers but I’m sure you know the first rule of volunteering…never step forward. I should be able to put in discounts with this new website so I anticipate being able to offer a discount to anyone who is brave enough to ignore the first rule of volunteering.