Not Mondayitis, just Monday. It’s almost a whole week since I last wrote and I do promise to try and do better this week. I have a stack of books to review, I’ve read them and just need to scribble a few words about them. Now I’ve finished reading Bleak House I have more time to read other books and I’ve just started an autobiography which starts in Lithuania in the 1940s. It’s an interesting book and is told from the point of view of Christians persecuted under Russian rule. There’s lots more to the story and I’ll scribble a few words when I’m finished.

Things are improving on the website front. I had a little help from fangbooks and dealt with most of the problems. I decided I really needed to start adding books and importing articles before I could go any further. I’m planning to try and include a screen of one or more of the pages in my next newsletter, it’s due to go out next Friday, if you want to be one of the first to see what I’ve been working on you can sign up for the Retro Reading Newsletter below

I’ve also been rather busy with some VA work. Yes, sorry for speaking jargon. VA is short of Virtual Assistant and they are people you employ on a contract basis as your assistant. They are ‘virtual’ as they work in their own office or home and you contact them by email, Skype, phone or carrier pigeon to tell them the work you need done, they do the work, you throw them stacks of money and you end up looking really good. Basically, the’re the secretary you have when you don’t have a secretary and you can find much more at A Clayton’s Secretary. I don’t do much as yet, just a bit of data entry into spreadsheets and websites, but it’s fun and helps pay the bills. I’ve finished this job, thank heavens. I’ve been entering lots of business card details into a spreadsheet and I noticed how insular I am, so many different names and so many different countries and I’m stuck to this one country and locale. Anyway, it’s been fun looking at them all. I’ve been virtually travelling through the business cards.