Elisabeth Beresford and The Wombles

If you’re my age (and no, I’m not telling you), then you’ll probably remember some enchanting creatures in both book and TV form. The Wombles were just fabulous and helped teach kids about cleaning up and recycling. I absolutely adored them.

I was gob smacked last month to hear of the author’s death. Elisabeth Beresford was born on the 6th August in 1926 and was 84 when she died. I was really upset. I have such fond memories of Great Uncle Bulgaria and Tobermory, not to mention Orinoco. What I didn’t realise at the time, and I don’t quite understand how come as I have the song going through my head, is that there was a TV series, I really only remember the books. Seriously, how does one only know the books and yet have the theme song from the TV series running through their heads?

Just because you need the theme song too.

In 1973 and 1975 Filmfair made two series of five minute episodes using stop motion. Bernard Cribbins voiced all ten of the Wombles featured. If you’re a Doctor Who fan you will have seen him as Donna’s grandfather in the David Tennant series. He also did a song called Right Said Fred where the men are trying to move a very large piece of furniture, they stop for a cup of tea at frequent intervals and the furniture is left on the landing.