Buffy, well actually Joss Whedon

This is another of the panels I attended at Aussie Con 4, the real title was High stakes: The Television Worlds of Joss Whedon and it was talking all about his various television productions and how good they were. This will be a shortish post as I don’t want to give away spoilers for those people who have just discovered him or are considering watching his works.

There are various things that are key to Whedon’s brilliance. They are as follows:

  • Comedy is probably the most essential to his works
  • Playfullness and elasticity of dialogue that was not used in other shows
  • He showcases family issues, whether blood family or people that have come together and feel themselves a family
  • His strongest characters are seemingly fragile while being fairly strong emotionally
  • He has really strong supporting characters
  • He doesn’t underestimate his audience – he remembers the little characters, the ones the script writers normally forget but the fans don’t
  • Whedon picks writers who understand the voice and tone of the show. Sometimes they will have a new character and they won’t know when they write them whether this person will be good or bad
  • Whedon lets the actor inform the character
  • Now, I could explain each point but that would mean giving examples and that’s spoilers. I know his works have been around for quite some time, but some of the people in the session had barely started watching Buffy and others had seen everything he’d done. At the time I’d seen bits and pieces of both Buffy and Angel so it was quite interesting to me to get other people’s viewpoints and see some of my own ideas come back to me.