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I came across a few interesting websites last week. This one was sent to me by scifitv on Twitter. I was quite excited about this one, Frederik Pohl is a fabulous author and to have him write about Frank Herbert, my heart just went a flutter and I had to click through to look at it. I was excited even if others aren’t.

This next one was also exciting to me. It’s an article about offenders being given a sentence to read instead of going go prison. I’m lead to believe that one of the problems with offenders is that they’re not very educated and the theory is that they should become educated and they will change. Whether this will work is something I’m not sure of, but I reckon if it gets them reading then it has to be good. This leads me directly to another website. The Australian Prison Foundation is collecting textbooks, dictionaries and novels to send to offenders in Australian prisons to ensure they can educate themselves and change their lives. They’re in need of donations of books and also money so they can send the books to the right places.

This article could be the future of publishing. It’s a fabulous idea and ensures books are chosen by the many and not just for their money making opportunities. I’ll encourage you to look at the article as I can’t begin to explain it properly.

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Links

  1. obsidiantears83

    Thanks for the link about Frank Herbert. It was an interesting read. He is one of my favourite authors, of what I think is the best SF novel of all time. What a chatty little article đŸ™‚

    1. suzsspace

      Yes, it was chatty and I loved it because of that.

      That’s an interesting comment. I’ll read Dune again one day and scribble a few words about it, see if I agree with people. I never thought it was that good.

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