New book!!!

I sort of promised people an article yesterday and it had to be an article with photos. All fine and dandy except the battery in the camera gave up the ghost in the middle of the photo session so it had to wait until after I’d charged it. I’ll go against convention and give you a photo of the book first before I talk about it and the author.

Addams Family Album

I got it through freecycle which a wonderful organisation for getting odd things. I am very careful with the things I collect through freecycle and only ask for things I want to keep. I never ask for or offer to pick up things I want to sell.

I’m always excited by eclectic books that retrace my childhood and when I saw this book…well, you guessed it, I was excited. You’ve seen the front cover and the pictures inside are all really great. They’re all so reminiscent of the TV series I saw in my childhood, funny about that as the original cartoons predated the TV series. I’d tell you about my favourite character but I can’t pick one, they’re all my favourites.

So, a bit of useful stuff for you before sending you off to look at the Charles Addams’ website. Charles Samuel Addams was born in New Jersey in 1912, he was 21 when he was first published by The New Yorker and continued to be a contributer until his death in 1988. The TV series first appeared in 1964 and coalesced the 50 or so drawings they were based on into something a bit more concrete that has lasted through the decades. You can find far more information about Addams and his legacy on the website.

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