Borders Top 100 Books results

100 Favourite Books of All Time as voted by You!!

Ok, it’s taken some time but we’ve finally received notification of the results of the poll Borders took a couple of months ago. Funnily enough my vote didn’t make it into the top 100, I really don’t know why, Grug is highly collectable and they’ve recently reprinted the entire series so that should prove my point. The top 100 only has one little children’s books, and that’s Animalia by Graeme Base. I find this really interesting as there has been so much quality children’s writing throughout the years you’d think there’d be room for more.

There’s a lot of quality writing in this list some of which is aimed at children and some at adults. Some of the list is fact based fiction and other is just plain fiction. There is a good sprinkling of fantasy and also some science fiction. Some of my favourite books are here such as Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I feel some of the books shouldn’t have made to the list as they are not actually good writing they just have a vast readership so that shows that this list is really made up of popular books and not necessarily good writing. I’m going to point the finger here at Harry Potter and also at The Da Vinci Code. Both books have some fabulous ideas and have the potential to be great books but just fail miserably. They do have a wide readership which doesn’t necessarily make them good.

I’ve noticed a decent spread of Australian authors, Tim Winton and John Marsden for example, both of whom are really great authors and deserve to be there.

Here’s the list so you can see it for yourself.