Website challenges

Ok, this is going to be the boring post and I don’t blame people if you don’t read it just remember it’s here in case you try to buy books on Suz’s Space and the site doesn’t show.

I hinted at some things happening a while back and now I need to give some more details. I’ve been having some problems with the website and also with my webhosts. So, on 30th August after much research and prompting from friends I signed up with another webhost. First step so far so good. I get my email to tell me all is registered and then spend some time working my way through the steps to get everything set up so I can start putting in books. Unfortunately, that’s when things started coming unstuck. Eventually, after much help from my friends I’m told I’m running round in circles. Great, I say, at least I’m getting exercise. I referred it back to my webhost the day before he got married, fabulous timing. He passed it onto his part-time offsider who also couldn’t get things sorted. At this point my new webhost was prepared to work on my website on his honeymoon, something I couldn’t let happen so I’ve had to just wait. Today I got another email telling me all is well so I tried to login again with no success. Basically, the website should go down any day and will only come back up when he gets it sorted out so I can login. It will look different and I reserve the right to make changes to the looks until I’m happy or get bored with fiddling. You’re more than welcome to email or call me if you’re looking for a particular book and we can sort it all out offline. You can also comment on any post on this blog and I’ll get in touch. Not forgetting the competition I have running at the moment, any comments will get an entry.

Now the new website is going to be in php while the old one is in asp, this means I can’t just import everything across I’ll need to create new listings for each book. I’m not unhappy about this as it means I’ll be able to cull books that aren’t in good enough condition and really shouldn’t be there. I might consider taking new photos if they don’t represent the book properly, but that’s an enormous amount of work so I’ll see how things go.