Measure bookshelves

Measurements of bookshelves, estimate number of books, how many shelves we had when we moved in, how many boxes we had when we moved here. Think about packing them up for another move – lots of screams and I can’t do this it’s too much. Man, that’ll be hard to move that many boxes twice in one day.

Have I ever said how addicted to books I am? Or how many books I have? Or how the people in my household share my passion for books? I don’t think I have and I don’t know that I want to think about some of the points I made in my notes for this post. I first had the idea of measuring my bookshelves and figuring out how many books we have in this household back at the end of July. It’s now only a month later and I’ve girded my loins and done a part of the measurements.

When I first moved in with my OH I already had a lot of books and so did he, we even shared many of the same authors but with all those books we only had two titles where we had two copies. When we moved to our new house four months later we had 33 boxes of books, I’m talking wine boxes so not terribly large. We’ve upgraded our bookshelves a couple of times since then and the result is big. Just looking at our halfway alone we have 21 metres of shelving, admittedly a couple of shelves are full of Scientific American magazines, but the rest is just books. I’m guestimating about 40+ boxes just for these alone. I don’t want to look at the rest of house it’s just too hard.

I’m really not looking forward to moving just these figures alone makes me cringe as I’ve probably got that many boxes stored on the premises with stock in them waiting for listing or selling. Add some boxes for the rest of the books and the normal moving stuff of clothes, linen, photos, kitchen stuff etc etc sounds like one massive day as they would have to be moved onto the truck and then off the truck.

Just on a side note. We have another Doctor Who meeting this weekend. Anyone who wants to pre order can do so and pick up their orders at the meeting. You’ll save on postage and if you’re a member of the Dr Who Club of Victoria you also receive a 20% discount. The secret password is “David Tennant – yum” if you’re female and “Leela – ohhh” if you’re male (I wouldn’t be showing my preferences here). If you can’t come to the meeting and you’re a member of the Dr Who Club of Victoria you’ll still receive the 20% discount.

I promise to get back to reviewing books in due course and not just rambling about books. And don’t forget the competition. All you have to do is to comment to enter.