Lots of books to process

I’ve just made the decision to try and blog more often. Sometimes I’ll ramble on about very little and other times I’ll actually have something sensible to say. I’m currently doing some research on Pulp Magazines and that might culminate in a number of blogs about them.

I’m hoping to have an announcement about the website soon. I’ll be excited even if no-one else will be.

Other things move on, though. I’ve just bought a couple of loads of bulk books. I’ve had a brief look and have some fabulous books and some not so fabulous. I’ll just drop in some names of authors and genres because I can. There are five Terry Pratchetts, three Neil Gaimans, a dozen Edgar Rice Burroughs, a handful of Clifford Simak and a similar number of George R. R. Martin, a handful of Ellis Peters and a couple of old Agatha Christies. Not to mention a box full of cookbooks and a large number of chick lit and this only covers a fraction of the books I’ve got here. If anyone’s desperate for a rather large Websters New Twentieth Century Dictionary, 2nd Edition published in 1962 please comment here or email me very quickly as it might be going to the op shop.

While we’re on the subject of comments I just want to remind everyone about the current competition. It closes in a couple of weeks and all you have to do is to make a comment on a blog post.