To be read pile

I’m getting more and more frustrated with my reading. As I get older and busier I find I have less and less time to read while I find I have more and more things to read. One of the reasons is my wide reading habits. I am prepared to read almost anything, I draw the line at romance as it just doesn’t interest me. One of the things I’ve always done is to read the listings of books in the back of the book I’d just finished and then follow up some of that list later on. I’ll write some more on this in another blog. Another reason is that I’m trying to read more books so I can review them here to provide information for other people, but some of this is to re-read books from my childhood. Suffice to say my To Be Read Pile is growing much faster than I can read despite me being a fairly fast reader.

Here is a partial list of my To Be Read Pile. Some books I’m in the middle of reading and might never finish but they will be leading me to further reading so I can verify their veracity, or not. The pile sits on my bookshelf in two stacks and instead of going down it’s actually getting higher. At present the two stacks reach the next shelf. Goodness knows if I’ll ever catch up in this life. I’d be interested in you listing your To Be Read Pile and if you want to give any explanation about them.

Owls Do Cry – Janet Frame
There’s a Bear in There – Merridy Eastman
Dream Dancer – Janet Morris
Edgar Cayce on the Dead Sea Scrolls – Glenn D. Kittler
Billy Budd, Sailor and Other Stories – Herman Melville
Gods of Riverworld – Philip Jose Farmer
Rabin Our Life, His Legacy – Leah Rabin
Eyeless in Gaza – Aldous Huxley
The Murray Whelan Trilogy – Shane Maloney
Assertiveness at Work – Ken Back and Kate Back
The Complete Autobiography – Dirk Bogarde
Widdershins – Charles de Lint