Jody Lynn Nye

I have been avoiding getting swept up by the whole Twitter thing until today. I noticed it was Jody Lynn Nye’s birthday on the 5th July and decided she would be a really good person to write about. She’s been a co-author with a number of my favourite authors such as Anne McCaffrey and Robert Asprin as well as writing some Crossroads books. I know it doesn’t have much to do with Twitter, but I happened to come across her Twitter page and was promptly captivated into reading her latest Tweets. Fascinating stuff, well, some of it. She talks about EE ‘Doc’ Smith’s Lensman being made into a movie by JM Straczynski and Ron Howard in her latest which is problematic for me as I don’t actually like the Lensman series. But I scrolled further down and she talks about writing and baby raccoons amongst other stuff. I was fascinated by most of this and it’s making me seriously consider signing up for Twitter so I can follow her and also look up some of my favourite authors to see if I want to follow them as well.

Just so you think this is about Jody Lynn Nye and not about me Tweeting I’ll give you some more information and a link to her webpage. You need to click through and look at the Applied Mythology icon, it’s just gorgeous.