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I found this fabulous website a while ago. It’s a part of the Eastern Regional Libraries website and can help you find new authors. Some lovely person has gone to the trouble of writing lists of who writes like who and has presented it here.

Here’s an example.

Authors like Terry Pratchett

Piers Anthony (Fantasy)
Alice Borchardt
Terry Brooks
Jim Butcher
Trudi Canavan
Cecilia Dart-Thornton
Charles De Lint
Stephen Donaldson (Fantasy)
Sara Douglass
Dave Duncan
David Eddings
Kate Elliott
Raymond E Feist
Jude Fisher
Maggie Furey
David Gemmell
Terry Goodkind
Robin Hobb
Ian Irvine
J V Jones
Robert Jordan
Guy Gavriel Kay
Patricia Kennealy-Morrison
Katharine Kerr
Mercedes Lackey
Tanith Lee
Juliet Marillier
George R R Martin
Julian May
Anne McCaffrey
L E Modesitt
Michael Moorcock
Caiseal Mor
Robert Rankin
Melanie Rawn
J R R Tolkien
Margaret Weis
Janny Wurts

I guarantee I chose the first author that came to mind, there are reasons it was Terry Pratchett which I’ll tell you about another time. I don’t necessarily agree with their choices, some of them are rather interesting and they don’t include a number of my other favourite authors but this is a big project so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and hoping they’ll catch up at some later stage.

Reading this list is interesting, though. My nephew raves about Mercedes Lackey and I’ve heard so much about Janny Wurts, Robin Hobb and Trudi Canavan that they’ve just moved up my to-read list. What I’m also finding interesting is that I’ve actually met two of them as well as Terry Pratchett.

10 thoughts on “Who Writes Like – Eastern Regional Libraries

  1. Jen Brown

    Wonderful list to have a go at. A Pratchett fan from way back, but have got to the point where I really need to expand my list of authors read.

    1. suzsspace

      You should try Robert Asprin and his M.Y.T.H. Inc series and also Tom Holt. I feel both authors should be under the Terry Pratchett listing.

  2. clubpenguin

    Hey everyone! I’m back from New Jersey, and fully got the website up to date, and I even finished screenshotting all the catalogs I still needed to do! So starting tomorrow, I’ll be working on that. I hope to be done with all the catalogs by the end of July, although I have nearly 300 MB of catalog pictures to upload…..

    Anyway, we updated a ton of pages. They Club Penguin fansite include the following lists/guides: Club Penguin Event Log, Item List, and the Dance/Wave/Sit List

    And the following pages: Servers, Elite Penguin Force, (with a new video) Issue 194, Club Penguin Blog, Desktop Backgrounds, Website Banners, and 101 Days of Fun. Enjoy!

  3. tashword

    I love this idea! It is hard when you get the end of a good author’s books and stillw ant more!

    I have to agree, though, that some of the authors listed above are nothing like Pratchett. Not to say they’re bad, but not the same. For instance, Janny Wurts, Tolkien, McCaffrey & Hobbin are all great fantasy books but they aren’t funny nor do they play on words like Pratchett does.

    Are you going to tell us who you met Suzie?

    1. suzsspace

      I’ll have to believe you as I haven’t read all those authors only some. I do wonder who makes the comparison.

      I have a post in mind to name drop in the future.

  4. webgurl

    Thanks for your kind words. I look after the Eastern Regional Libraries website and it’s great to hear the Who Writes Like database has been useful. I’ll pass your comments onto the person who maintains the list. Generally it’s a broad list of genres and authors. I guess this is why there are some interesting choices. I’ll add Robert Asprin and Tom Holt to the list. If you’ve got any other suggestions, please add them here (I’ll keep checking) or Suz you could just email them to me using the email I provided you with this comment.

    Regards, webgurl

  5. Lyn

    Thanks for the kind comments about WWL, Suz. I put the lists together with lots of help from our staff, especially those who are fans of particular genres. I hope it helps you find new authors.

    1. suzsspace

      Thanks for visiting, Lyn. I knew it was a lot of hard work and I wanted to celebrate that work (as well as having a topic to blog about!!).

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