Grug in Business

Now you want to know what Grug has to do with business.  Well, besides being very collectable I just happened to have a friend who has memories of Grug and seeing that Grug is going to be republished this month by Simon and Shuster and Melissa just happens to be in business I thought there’s the obvious connection.

Melissa is the founder of the Business Mum’s Network.  This is a wonderful group that helps mums to make your business the best possible.  They offer a supportive network comprised of a forum, speakers, an annual conference (more below) and also a select group called The Profit Club that meet every other Wednesday during term for group business coaching by Katherine Doe from Action Coach Australia.  Visit the Business Mum’s Network and have a look around, it doesn’t cost the earth and it’s great.  If you’re interested in attending The Profit Club email either Melissa or myself.

After a recent Profit Club session I was talking to one of the participants about books and the topic shifted to Grug.  She hadn’t heard of Grug and Melissa kindly spoke up with a precis of Grug and how she knew it so well.  Knowing that Grug is about to be republished I couldn’t resist this snippet and asked her to write me this story.  She very quickly obliged and the result will be posted here in a couple of days.

The Business Mums Conference is on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd June in Holmesglen TAFE. It’s a fabulous weekend specially designed for mums in business and will help you recharge your batteries, also giving you lots of ideas for your business.  Any of my readers who also signup and attend the conference will be able to pick up their orders at the conference for free postage and also receive a 20% discount. See Business Mum’s Conference for further details and to sign up.

Edit: Sadly, the Profit Club I attend is no more. If you’re still interested you could always contact Katherine Doe to see if she’s doing another one elsewhere.

Ed: links removed as people have moved on.

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  1. Melissa

    Thanks for the mention Suzie 🙂 I look forward to seeing you & your blog readers at the conference 😉

    I grew up with Grug, and my kids love it too.

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